Piece of Quiet Studio - offering the art of quiet


Piece of Quiet Studio is a unique space to create sacred time for yourself.  The multi-room space is used for practices that invite silence;  massage, mindful awareness, classes, bodywork, yoga, and meditation. 

In the bodywork room, we integrate a soothing environment, graceful techniques and selected aromas to create a sense of boundlessness, allowing your body to reconnect to its natural balance. 

Individual services include massage, somatics, subtle energy therapies and teachings that support your overall well-being.  

Being honored in these ways creates an inner peace that will gently extend into your daily life.  

|Gift Certificates|
To pre-purchase your massage, explore massage packages, or purchase a gift certificate online visit our online store .

|Fall 2016 Classes| 
10 week course, Foundations Course

Module 1 & 2:  Open Lab, 7 weeks each session
*pre-requisite required, contact Jill for more information @ jboberlin@gmail.com

|January 2017 Classes| 
Mindfulness and MindBody Medicine

|Spring 2017 Classes| 
10 week Foundations Course
Module 1: Bodywork 201, 7 weeks 
Module 2: Open Lab, 7 weeks

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